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Janta Indian Cuisine
About Us
Janta Indian Cuisine
369 Lytton Ave.
Palo Alto, CA 94301
Tel:  (650) 462-5903
Fax: (650) 462-1433
Janta Indian Cuisine ABOUT US

Janta Indian Cuisine is growing up as a finest restaurant for indian food. We’re grateful to all the guests who have given us the opportunity to share our vision.

Some restaurants are ideal for special occasions. Indeed, we hope many of you, our guests, will celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other memorable events with us. But, at Janta Indian Cuisine  we strive to make every lunch and dinner a special occasion for every guest.

When we open the doors to the restaurant for lunch, dinner or catering, it’s as if we’re opening the doors to our own Best Chance of Winning at Casinos and inviting guests to enjoy extraordinary food paired with a rich Indian lager beer or a glass of wine from our extensive wine list.

Janta Indian Cuisine is elegant, relaxed, and affordable, inviting guests to enjoy the hospitality that reflects our Indian heritage. The training our staff receives enhances their desire to provide guests with a wonderful dining experience.

Janta Indian Cuisine is our dream come true!
Gift Certificates available for all occasions!

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